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Startup Failure

Windows background image
Attempting to power on a desktop computer tower.

Computer Fails to Start

Sometimes your computer can fail to start after pressing the power button. This problem has a number of potential causes, we offer solutions at an affordable rate.

Common Signs

  • minus icon - greenNothing happens when the power button is pressed.
  • minus icon - greenOnly the fans or a few lights in the system come on for a few seconds and then the computer shuts down.
  • minus icon - greenThe computer acts like it is going to start but displays nothing on the screen. This can be accompanied by a series of beeps that indicate an error has occurred during the boot process.
  • minus icon - greenThe computer is caught in a restart loop when attempting to start up Windows or shows a blue screen when powering it on.
Windows boot fail screen

Causes of the Failure

Inconsistent power iconPower Supply Failure

If the power supply isn't working correctly then it doesn't send the needed amount of power to the motherboard and the system will not start.

corrupted file icon - greenSystem File Corruption

When system files become corrupted it can result in the system being unable to boot normally. This often leads to a restart loop.

broken hard drive icon - negative greenHard Drive Failure

This is a very serious failure that can compromise your data. We take all necessary steps to protect and/or recover your data if a problem with the hard drive is suspected.

cash icon - green negative

Some failures will require parts to be replaced while others will not. We charge a flat service fee of $50 for jobs that take 2 hours or less to complete. An additional service fee of $20/hr applies for every hour above 2.

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Repair Time

2 - 4 business days.Includes 2 days shipping time for ordered parts.

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$50 service charge.

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