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Hardware Upgrades

View of a solid-state drive being installed in a laptop

Hard Drive Upgrade

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Faster Loading Times

SSDs load Windows and other applications 50-70% faster than older hard drives.

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Real-world tests have demonstrated that the reliability of solid-state drives is comparable or superior to older magnetic hard drives.

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SSD prices have declined rapidly in the past three years, making larger capacity drives a more practical upgrade for users.

Windows Startup Time

graph of the comparison between solid-state and magnetic hard drive showing the startup time in Windows 10 - the solid state drive is 46 seconds while the HDD is 4 minutes 55 seconds.

Hard Drive Vs. SSD Performance

graph of the comparison between solid-state and magnetic hard drive performance showing 200% faster read performance and 350% faster write performance

SSD Prices Over Time

Graph showing the decline in SSD prices from August of 2017 to January 2020
extreme close up view looking down a GTX 1080 Ti graphics card

Video Card Upgrade

Modern games running slow?

We offer affordable service to upgrade your video card to achieve maximum performance in the latest games. As part of the process, you will get the latest video drivers installed from Nvidia® or AMD®. We run stress testing on the card for a minimum of two hours to ensure that temperatures stay in an acceptable range and to verify that performance is as expected. This testing helps to weed out any defective products that occasionally come from the manufacturer.

Additional Requirements

Some computers will require an upgrade of the power supply to support the increased power that modern video cards use. High-end video cards are also generally a minimum of 10" in length which will require a case upgrade in some instances. These additional upgrades are included at half of the normal rate for installation.

Close up view of two RAM modules in dual channel configuration

Motherboard / CPU / RAM Upgrade

Combination Upgrade

The Motherboard, CPU, and RAM are all upgraded at the same time. This is a common upgrade because when upgrading the motherboard it is often the case that new standards are introduced that are incompatible with the older CPU and RAM. We charge a flat installation rate and include stress testing of the CPU and RAM for a minimum of four hours to ensure system stability. During the testing, we also check to ensure temperatures are in an acceptable range for the components.

Thermal Paste

MX-4 thermal paste being applied to cpu

When installing any CPU, Arctic MX-4 is the standard here at Kirk PCs. It has proven to be a very efficient product and has excellent heat transfer to ensure that your new CPU runs cool under stress. Other thermal paste options are available upon request.

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