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Screen Repair

split image, left is a broken laptop screen that is heavily damaged, right is a repaired screen showing a brilliant color background

We Repair the Following Types of Screen Damage

Cracked Screen

Close up of the corner of a laptop with screen damage

This can be caused by fall damage or an object falling onto the screen.

Stuck Pixels

laptop screen showing a yellow line of stuck pixels running through the middle of the screen

Pixels on the screen are stuck on a single color (such as the yellow line here). This can have several causes and may require screen replacement. If your laptop came out of the box with stuck pixels, consult the manufacturer policy regarding this before bringing it in for repair.

Dead Pixels

laptop screen showing a perfect circle of dead pixels

Small parts of the screen don’t function at all. This can be from damage such as dropping an object onto the screen. If your laptop came with this problem, contact the manufacturer to see if you can get a replacement.

No Display

isolated view of laptop screen

Nothing is showing on screen but the laptop still sounds like it wants to start up. When the power button is pressed, the indicator light comes on but nothing happens on the screen. This can be a problem with the screen itself or a connection internally. We will diagnose the issue for free and inform you on how to proceed.

We Do Touchscreen Repairs

Touchscreens have additional components

Touchscreens are layered with the front glass, digitizer, and LCD. The added digitizer can increase the complexity of a repair if the touch functions are damaged. This often requires extra time to ensure that the repair is done correctly, and these will usually be a more expensive repair than non-touch screens.

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Repair Time

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$50 - 70 service charge.

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