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Holding Policy

We understand that most of our customers will want to get their computers fixed quickly and will pick them up as soon as possible. But because we don't charge until you pick up, there will be repairs that stay here for a while. This is not an issue for us.

Late Pickups

If you need to wait to pick up your system for any reason, you may do so without any fees for up to 30 days. There will be a 20% additional charge on computers that have been here for 31-60 days and a 50% additional charge for computers that we've had between 61-90 days. We have limited space for storage and want to continue serving customers. In the event a computer is here more than 90 days after being fixed it will incur an additional 10% fee per day over 90 days until it's picked up or it reaches the value of the computer at which point we will assume ownership and reserve the right to resell it. I will be flexible on any computer that is still here but cannot if it has been sold.



0 - 30


31 - 60

20% additional

61 - 90

50% additional

> 90

10% per day