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Optimization & Tune Up

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Tune Up Your Computer

There are a few problems that can cause your computer to slow down over time. This service is a general tune-up that addresses the common problems that cause these issues.

Common Signs

  • minus icon - greenWindows takes much longer to start up and shut down.
  • minus icon - greenApplications are delayed in starting up or fail to start.
  • minus icon - greenIf you have a laptop, it may be hot to the touch soon after starting to use it.
  • minus icon - greenGeneral slowness or unresponsiveness in Windows that seems to be getting worse over time.
Windows Loading Screen

Causes of Slow Downs

dust icon - greenOperating Environment

The air in your home is repeatedly circulated through the airflow vents in your computer. Over long periods of time, this leads to the build-up of things like dirt, pet hair, and other particles inside the computer case. These contaminants can cause the computer to run hotter and slower.

browser icon - greenInstalled Programs

A Windows computer with a large number of applications installed may have a lot of services attempting to run at startup time. This can cause the computer to feel very slow if not impossible when it is first turned on.

update failure iconUpdate Corruption

This is common in Windows systems. A sign of this problem is repeated attempts to update Windows that fail to finish installing the update. This can cause the system to run slow while it attempts to resolve this problem.

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$50 service charge.

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